pageboard: the recursive website builder

build complex web sites without technical knowledge
add new tools and front-end libraries
define new data models, build forms to fill them, fill pages with generated data

Best score on Google Lighthouse

Out of the box server features

- a domain
- HTTP2 and automatic SSL certificates
- web page prerendering in a real browser, pdf output
- SEO (robots.txt, sitemap, indexable standard html page by default)
- cache: zero-configuration, super efficient, never stale
- javascripts and stylesheets zero-configuration compilation, bundling, versioning and minification
- continuous deployment using git hooks (github or gitlab)
- powerful and super simple api with schema validation

Out of the box frontend features

- asynchronous page navigation and transitions
- optimized and lazy-loaded, resized on-the-fly, images
- can handle hundreds of images
- complex widgets: portfolio, carousel, cards, form and inputs, accordion, breadcrumb, tab, sitemap, contextual navigation, queries and templates...
- full text search using api, form, and query elements
- polyfills for legacy browsers are automatically installed

Out of the box wysiwyg editor features

- parametrizable and extensible html elements
- new elements can be developed and deployed to your site
- new schemas can be added to your site
- styling: use your own stylesheets, fonts, and static assets if needed. Deploy them with a git push !

And even more ...

- integration with third party tools (analytics, translations)
- calendars and reservations
- mail a page with a single api call
- forms can be gated by email validation
- simple and powerful permission system compatible with the automatic server cache


Since the first release in 2004,
Pageboard is an extension of a long line of website publishing tools.

pageboard version 0.6 uses::

online registration soon available