user guide to know how to use it simply

Structure your interface by adapting pageboard elements to your environment, by creating your own elements.
Use and distribute the elements in the pages by simply copy paste.

Once logged in, click on the pencil to switch to edit mode. It is always possible to return to reading mode by clicking on the eye in the same bar at the top right. The </> icon is used to display a representation of the page structure.

Items can be shared or simply copied

3 zones are defined for each pages:


the sticky element for example is particularly suitable for the menus of the header


all elements are adapted. This is where your pages will be built


as header, footer can be independent or shared with other pages

The editing area is in the left quarter of the page

It is made up of five zones :

1 °/ The edit and save bar
2 °/ The tabs for inserting objects

3 °/ The hierarchy navigation and sharing
4 °/ The breadcrumb

5 °/ The options, specific for each element - see the description of the elements.

The easiest way to take action is to use the breadcumb to position your actions.


e l e m e n t s


pageboard makes it possible to assemble the constituent elements of web pages. One element is linked to the graphic format and its reaction on the different media and in the different display formats. The elements can also be linked to dynamic operation depending on the case. The pageboard elements are web-components compatible


Essencial elements for the construction of pages with page board, layers, grids and different variations


Insert your audio, video and image media directly or as an embed


Insert galleries of images or videos in the form of carousels, portfolios, cards etc ...



Use internal resources and external resources secured by url-inspector


Collection or contact forms, create your own forms and use them directly in the site

View elements simple description


E d i t o r



Enjoy the latest developments in advanced text editor using prosemiror

Bold, italic, light, uppercase, capitalize, lowercase ... specify the main features of headers and paragraphs


Download, cut, frame, display your images independently or according to the context

Import your bitmap and vector images and specify their behavior to adapt to contexts


All the tools you need to create and manage. Adapt their representation to their behaviors or behaviors to your presentation

The pageboard query system is powerful and flexible


D a t a


Internal ressources

Pageboard integrates resources for data management

External media

Insert videos, media, maps and other external embedding by i-frame. .pdf, images and documents are hosted by pageboard

External services

Pageboard allows you to take advantage of external services




The edit and save bar

The tabs for inserting objects

The hierarchy navigation and sharing

Breadcrumb of structure

Editor option


select level on breadcumb
& copy - paste